Get the most out of your product with user testing. Develop your product to its fullest capability with user testing.”

Usability testing

During a usability test we observe how the target group interacts with your product. We test different aspects of the interaction, like does the user understand the concept? Or are certain elements left unclear? A user test consisting of just 6 respondents will provide you with 90% of the usability issues.

By giving users specific assignments during the test, we can learn from their behaviour. Our test lab is equipped with the latest Tobii eye-tracking technology therefore enabling you to literally see your product through the eyes of the user. Take a look through the eyes of your user.

  • The only testing method that is outcome-orientated
  • Mobile, tablet or desktop testing
  • A clear test plan based on user stories
  • Qualified researchers
  • Numerous interview techniques
  • Respondents from all target groups available
  • Direct feedback provided by the target group
  • A/B testing & Tobii eye-tracking technology
  • Separate observation room for clients
  • Video & audio material available
  • Comprehensive reports and applicable improvements

User testing starts at €3000,-

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Little Alice provided us with a thorough test plan during the realisation of our new corporate website. The insights we gained from the respondents, challenged us to further develop the concept which led to optimizations that better fit the needs of our divers target groups.”~ Steve Johnsen


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